24 Feb 2011

What is iPodLinux? Before the iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, and others, iPL offered iPod owners a chance to run homebrew code on their portable devices. Since then iPodLinux.org has expired, and the project is practically dead. Nevertheless it was a fun time when you could load the entire Wikipedia on your iPod or play Doom.

Below is a screenshot of Podzilla2, a graphical shell for iPodLinux, running my module Drum Machine. Drum Machine is coded in C, and provides 4 samples, 4 patterns, and 32 steps. Like other Podzilla modules, it is generally compiled into the main executable along with other modules.

Podzilla 2 with Drum Machine

Podzilla2 emulator running Drum Machine

The screenshots show Podzilla2, running under OS X. I originally wrote this under Fedora around October 2008, but I rediscovered the source code and built it for the desktop. You may download the source code here.

Note: Building this may be tricky. Building Podzilla2 itself may be tricky since the documentation on it is scattered across the net, but the links below should suffice.

So prepare to hack. I haven’t really bothered with this since high school, but it will still work with some effort.